Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everything About Hair Care

I love to wash my hair everyday, it gives me the clean and fresh look.
However, it's actually BAD for your hair if you wash it everyday.. ◎~(ーεーメ)yー
I don't really understand the whole details under this "theory".. But it is true...
So if you get a chance to stay home and not go out, don't wash your hair!!
You will notice that your hair looks much healthier once you wash it after couple days...

You gotta have a nice HAIR BRUSH!! Brush your hair and massage the scalp every night before going to sleep. Times your age number by two, and the result is the number of times you should brush your hair every night.
For example: I'm 21, so I brush my hair 42 times before I go to sleep.
(*´∀`)クスクス Trust me!! It does make a difference.

To Be Continued.... :)

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