Saturday, May 15, 2010

Easy Fresh Nail Art

I use to hate doing nails for two reasons..

First, takes TOO long to dry, and once you accidentally ruined one nail, you have to do it again. Most of times, when I was using cotton ball and remove the nail, my other nails got messed up as too. (●-ω-)b That made me really frustrated.

Second, hard to remove and "dangerous". Well, when I said hard, I mean it's too much work to do. Need to prepare so many things, and takes long time to remove all the nails. Also "dangerous", because there are so many stories about how my friends spilled the nail polish remover into their laptops, cameras, cellphone, etc. Especially, I did one time -- to my laptop. (●TωT。)ゥゥ・・

BUT now.. I lOVE doing nails because I found the solutions for those problems!! (○≧∀≦○) I will tell you the solutions in my next video and blog about things I shopped at CVS and Walmart

This is the nails I did last night. The colors I used is really light purple and you can hardly see the golden lines in the dark. But this design really gives my nails a fresh look and I just cannot stop keep looking at them. (●′∀`●) Also, light nail polish colors usually make the hand skin look dark, but this one doesn't as you can see from the picture.

These are the products I used for my nails.

From left to right:
Anna Sui Nail Color 203 Vernis a Ongles

Milani Nail Art 701 Art of Gold

The design of this nails is very easy, so I won't explain the details here. I believe you guys can figure it out by looking at the picture. Since doing nails is not a big problem any more, I will create more and more nail arts in the future. ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ I hope you will like it and as what I said I will share the items I bought from Walmart and CVS in my next video and blog. Please follow me and subscribe. Thank you!!

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