Monday, May 3, 2010

Preview: Sweet Sweet Look

This is a Preview of the next look I'm gonna do,
the picture is from the cover page of famous Japanese magazine "ViVi"
I was totally fascinated by this sweet sweet look ●´з`)゚+o。CHU。o+゚(´ε`○

I wanted to do this look for a long time,
and since it's almost summer,
It's a good time to make this look happen :)
Please follow my blog if you are interested in (*・ω・*)

This is the colors I tried out from my 88 eyeshadow palette,
I picked shimmering orange, light pink, and rose pink.
I think rose pink looked the most similar to the picture,
but I really liked the orange one and want to try it out.

Just bored and drew randomly....

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